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Common Construction Wage Under Attack!

Member Action Needed NOW:

Call and Email Your State Representative and State Senator

Tell Them To Vote NO on HB 1019!

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• Construction workers in Indiana contribute $21 million to state and local taxes. Better wages mean a stronger and more widely distributed tax base. This helps policy makers balance budgets and provide public safety and education services without raising taxes.

• Common construction wages help support local training programs that provide career opportunities for middle class workers. This promotes an upwardly-mobile economy for working families.

• Studies show that every dollar spent on a Common Construction Wage project generates $1.50 in economic activity in a community.

• The law allows local communities to determine the wages to be paid on public works construction projects based on the wages construction workers have been paid in that community in the past.

• Apprenticeship training programs are more prevalent in areas where common construction wages are paid. This includes higher participation by minority workers.

Quick Points

HB 1019 Repeals Indiana's Common Construction Wage (Indiana’s Local Contractor and Local Worker Preference Law).

Because of CCW, 90.5% of state and local public works projects go to Indiana Contractors.

Repeal of CCW will lower the wages of all construction workers!

Repeal can’t save a dime without lowering wages below local standards (non-union wages included)!

Any potential cost savings from lowering wages would likely go into out-of-state contractor profit.

CCW Repeal relies on:

Out-of-State Contractors to build Local public works projects.

“Guest Workers” to do the work, instead of Hoosiers.

The state to pick up the costs of training construction workers.

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